The Developer Platform

The Developer Platform

Run Your Platform like a Business within a Business

Rosalind Radcliffe, Charles Betz, Betty Junod, Ravi Maduposu, Luke Rettig, Mark Imbriaco, Levi Geinert


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This paper discusses the emerging concept of the developer platform. It is written for senior leaders, especially on the infrastructure and operations (I&O) side of large enterprises. It has never been easy being an I&O leader. As vividly portrayed in The Phoenix Project, traditional infrastructure organizations are often overloaded, surprised by development initiatives, and prone to destructive multitasking and queuing issues. Infrastructure organizations bear the brunt of criticism from developers and other enterprise stakeholders; their lack of responsiveness leads to frustration. This can result in developers seeking greener pastures elsewhere.

This paper will examine what “good” looks like in terms of current developer platforms and the ways in which many organizations fall short. It will cover how to realize the value of a developer platform from engineering, product, and business perspectives.

This paper provides guidance on: what it takes to extract value from a platform, recommendations of approaches and techniques, model for maturation and scale case studies of enterprises sharing their experience