DevOps Enterprise Journal - Spring 2022

DevOps Enterprise Journal - Spring 2022

Guidance Papers from the 2021 DevOps Enterprise Summits

Andrew Davis, Bryan Finster, Clarissa Lucas, Saahil Panikar, Cindy Van Epps, Jeff Shupack, Steve Pereira, Dubravko Dolic, Dr. Peter Fassbinder, Christof Leng, PhD, Tracy Ferrell, Alex Bligh, Michal Gefen, Betsy Beyer, Salim Virji


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Since 2014, IT Revolution has been assembling DevOps Enterprise Summit in the US and UK, a conference for technology leaders of large, complex organizations implementing DevOps principles and practices. The presentations at these events emphasize the evolving business, technical, and architectural practices along with the methods needed to successfully lead widespread change efforts in large organizations. The goal has always been to give leaders the tools and practices they need to develop and deploy software faster and to win in the marketplace.

The Spring issue of The DevOps Enterprise Journal invites the practitioners and thought leaders who present at DevOps Enterprise Summit to share their learnings.

Papers included in this issue:

  • DevOps for Salesforce and Other Low-Code Platforms by Andrew Davis
  • How to Misuse & Abuse DORA Metrics by Bryan Finster
  • Don’t Just Survive Your Audit, Thrive in It! by Clarissa Lucas
  • Value Stream Management and Organizing around Value by Saahil Panikar with Cindy Van Epps and Jeff Shupack 
  • Flow Engineering by Steve Pereira and Andrew Davis 
  • Model Life-Cycle Management at Continental Tires by Dubravko Dolic 
  • From Milestones to a Continuous Quality Assurance Flow by Dr. Peter Fassbinder 
  • How Google SRE and Developers Collaborate by Christof Leng, Tracy Ferrell, Alex Bligh, Michal Gefen, Betsy Beyer with help from Salim Virji

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