The DevOps Enterprise Journal | Fall 2021

The DevOps Enterprise Journal | Fall 2021

2021 DevOps Enterprise Forum Papers

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At the seventh annual DevOps Enterprise Forum, industry leaders and experts came together to discuss the challenges they face. Over the course of the three days, they worked together to identify and create written guidance for the top problems facing the community.

The Fall 2021 issue features the following papers:

  • Accelerating Shared Services: Or How to Make Shared Services Suck Less
  • Building Industrial DevOps Stickiness: Applying Insights
  • How to Use GitOps: What Every CIO Needs to Know about GitOps
  • A Leader's Guide to Working with Consultants: Moving from Consultant Dependency to Building Internal Capability
  • No Application Left Behind: The Journey to the Cloud
  • From Project to Product to Problem Solving: Cross-Product Management and Cross-Product Prioritization
  • Winning Together: A Playbook for Aligning Technology & Business

My thanks go to Jeff Gallimore and Ann Perry for their help in organizing this event.

Additional thanks go to this year’s DevOps Enterprise Forum sponsor, LaunchDarkly.