Building Industrial DevOps Stickiness

Building Industrial DevOps Stickiness

Applying Insights

Dr. Suzette Johnson, Robin Yeman, Dr. Harry Koehnemann, Jeffrey Shupack, Matt Aizcorbe, Adrian Cockcroft, Michael McKay, and Hasan Yasar


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At an industrial scale, cyber-physical solutions (systems comprised of hardware, firmware, and software) experience many challenges as they embrace Lean and DevOps practices. These Industrial DevOps (IDO) transformations face significant complexities as they respond to critical safety regulations and the “continu-ish” integration and alignment across multiple suppliers and partners.

In this paper, we identify Principle #1 of Industrial DevOps (visualize and organize around the value stream)* as a common cross-industry barrier to IDO transformation stickiness. We use mental modeling, Wardley Mapping, and the Westrum Organization Topology model to identify misalignments and gain a shared understanding of IDO to sustain and scale IDO adoption. We then offer executive sponsors and leaders a set of approaches and insights to address each of
the three identified barriers.