Evolving the Funding Process

Update Your Funding Process for Agile, Lean and DevOps


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Balancing the high-risk investment of innovation with traditional business-as-usual tasks has always been tricky for corporations. Understanding the criticality of funding both innovation and business-as-usual means organizations also need to use the right investment selection process, establish guardrails to avoid misuse, and meet fiduciary responsibility requirements.

This 2020 DevOps Enterprise Forum paper outlines the conflict between how traditional funding processes handle fiduciary risks and what Agile and DevOps teams need to perform well.


Keanen Wold, Prime Therapeutics
Levi Geinert, U.S. Bank
Shaun Norris, JP Morgan Chase & Co.
Charles Betz, Forrester Research
Beth Demke, U.S. Bank
Sam Guckenheimer, Microsoft
Troy Magennis, Focused Objective