Change in a Successful Organization

Change in a Successful Organization

Avoid Complacency by Making a Case for Continous Improvement


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Many organizations often unknowingly exhibit complacency and only incorporate significant change when a crisis or imminent threat emerges. To correct this, we have to explore how to answer the following questions without a crisis:

How do you create awareness and bias-to-action to overcome organizational inertia to initiate change? How do you transfer awareness and action across all levels of the organization, from the C-suite to the frozen middle and down to the everyday practitioner? How do you transform the organizational mindset and culture to one that ultimately rejects complacency itself?


Micheal Winslow, Senior Director, Software Development & Engineering, Comcast
Tamara Ledbetter, Senior Vice President Enterprise Agile Transformation, Wells Fargo
Adam Zimman, VP of Platform, LaunchDarkly
John Esser, CEO, Veracity Solutions
Tim Judge, Vice President Climate Impact, Fannie Mae
Carmen DeArdo, Principal Flow Advisor, Tasktop