Applied Industrial DevOps 2.0

Applied Industrial DevOps 2.0

A Hero's Journey


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In this 2020 DevOps Enterprise Forum paper, we expand on the previous two papers introducing Industrial DevOps and Applied Industrial DevOps.

We now consider the criticality of designing technical architecture, team organization, and intentional culture architecture with dynamic learning and feedback loops when deploying Industrial DevOps at scale. We will use the story of a fictitious leader, Nole, in a company called Alset to provide application context.


Joy Crook, Organization Effectiveness Consultant, Northrup Grumman Corporation
Dr. Suzette Johnson, Fellow and Agile Transformation Lead, Northrup Grumman Corporation
Harry Koehnemann, SAFe Fellow and Principal Contributor, Scaled Agile Inc.
Jeffrey Shupack, President, Project & Team
Dr. Steven Spear, Principal HVE LLC, Sr. Lecturer MIT, Author of The High-Velocity Edge
Hasan Yasar, Interim Director, Software Engineering Insitute
Robin Yemen, Lockheed Martin Fellow, Lockheed Martin Corporation


Dr. Jeff Boleng, Special Assistant for Software Acquisition to the Undersecretary of Defense for Acquisition and Sustainment, Software Engineering Institute
Eileen Wrubel, Co-Lead of the SEI's Agile/DevOps Transformation, Software Engineering Institute
Dr. Mik Kersten, Founder and CEO, Takstop