Moving from Project to Product

Moving from Project to Product

Modernizing Traditional Enterprise Operating Models

Ross Clanton, Carmen DeArdo, Mik Kersten, Alan Nance, Karen Person


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As we continue to move into the digital economy, where optimizing for speed and focusing on customers is critically important, many enterprises are struggling with the constraints of their current technology operating models.

These models were designed when IT was intended to be a back-office function optimized for cost and predictability.

Many enterprises have been moving to address this problem through adopting Agile and DevOps practices.

However, a project management paradigm is still being used to fund, track, and manage work in enterprise IT.

That paradigm contradicts the concepts of flow, feedback, and continual learning that underpin DevOps and modern software delivery.

As a result, organizations get stuck in their Agile and DevOps transformation efforts, limiting potential gains in business agility, revenue growth, and competitiveness.

However, there is a solution to unlock this problem that requires a business-driven strategy to move business and IT from a project- to product-based operating model.